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Biography - Ann Simpson

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Ann K. Simpson graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with an art education degree. She spent her junior year of college in Bordeaux, France. Her European experience continues to be an important influence on her art. Ann has a Masters degree in Information Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado Denver. After teaching in Phoenix, Arizona, Ann embarked on a new career in commercial art in New Jersey. As an art director, she confronted the fast-paced, pressured and dynamic world of corporate commercial art in New York City and vicinity. It wasn't until the move back to Colorado in August of 1990 that fine art became a priority. Having had the privilege of studying watercolor painting with some of the greatest teachers and artists in America such as Edgar A. Whitney, Robert E. Wood, Betty DeMaree, Judi Betts and Frank Francese just to name a few, Ann was set to let her work meet the public with great success. Ann expanded into pastels when she met Jan Meyers. Using watercolor and pastels alone or in combination exploits the unique attributes of each medium. In 1998, Ann discovered sculpting in clay. She enjoys the company of sculptors known as the "Warehouse Gang" started by Tom Ware of Evergreen who meet regularly together to work on their craft. Now exploring contrasting forms of expression, she has received both critical and public recognition for her award winning work which can be found in collections in many states and abroad. Limited edition prints of watercolor paintings and bronze editions of some of her sculptures are available. "Watercolor and clay are my favorite media, although nothing is out of the question when choosing how to visually communicate. My work in both is expressionist and representational and even abstract. The fluid looseness and liveliness I find in watercolors is a complete departure from the stability and firmness of the clay I use to form my sculptures. It is a captivating and challenging contrast! Interpreting form and linear relationships in clay from live models creates the foundation of my sculptures. I'm looking for interesting shapes and rhythms in the figure to combine as abstract aspects in representational work. The diverse range of subject matter and technique in all of my work helps keep it fresh and exciting for me." Ann loves her mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado where she continues to teach adults and children. She is a  signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.